Project HALT

Combat violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in sports

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Welcome to the whistleblowing service of HALT. In this page we will provide you with some information in order to navigate through.

Main Page

Hover on the map to see the number of harassments per country and click on each of them to see more stats (Fig. 1)

Fig.1 - Info of Greece on hover.

Below the map you can see the legend of the map that describes the color of each country(Fig. 2). We have four different dimensions

Fig.2 - Legend of Map.

At the header of the page you can find the Submit the incident that you witnessed button where you can add to our database any incident you saw as a witness

Add button
Fig.3 - Submit the incident that you witnessed

Add new incident page

In order to submit any incident, HALT team created an easy and anonymous form. You must fill only 4 fields(Fig. 4). Specifically, you must fill:

Add page
Fig.4 - Add new incident page.

Below the form you can find the terms page (Fig. 5) where you can read the different types of harassment

Terms page
Fig.5 - Go to terms page.